This site is pretty much like anyone’s weblog: it gets filled when I have some spare time, and doesn’t when that time is taken up by other parts of my life, such as my family, sports or, well… work.

It’s my intention to fill it with meaningful posts with mainly technical contents – quality over quantity, I guess – and everything written here is my own opinion, not necessarily that of my employer or the customer I happen to work for at that moment.

A little about my background: During my studies, I got my master degrees in Electrical Engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology (’98) and in Information Technology at the University of Liverpool (’07). Professionally I got started in the field of embedded software in 1998, and most of those projects were for telecom companies. This was the time that my interest in distributed systems was raised. After about 10 years, I switched jobs out of the embedded field and from then continually worked on a range of projects that were more ‘enterprise’-like (financial/insurance, utilities, publishing).

Most of the work I’ve done involved Java, and often Java EE (or J2EE, when that was still the current term). In 2015 I started coordinating the Adopt-a-JSR efforts within the NLJUG, and in 2016 I became an individual (Associate) member of the JCP. So it can be expected that most of the writing here will be closely related to these topics.

If you have any questions or remarks about any of the content of this site, don’t hesitate to contact me at: maurice.de.chateau@gmail.com